Lake Condah Restoration Project

Lake Condah is set in the undulating plains of weathered basalt rocks which form Victoria’s Western District and framed by the ranges of the Grampians National Park.

The Lake Condah Restoration Project Conservation Management Plan (CMP) formed part of the broader Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project whose major goals included the restoration of permanent water to Lake Condah, achieving World Heritage Listing for the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape and sustainable development and tourism to provide social and economic benefits.

The CMP was designed to identify and guide heritage conservation requirements associated with the restoration of water to Lake Condah. The plan was developed in consultation with the Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation and was shaped through a series of consultation workshops.

The CMP included a Gunditjmara-directed vision, clear policies and well-defined actions that will enable effective and adaptive management of Lake Condah as a living cultural landscape. As well as the formal CMP, a Community Action Plan was written to support community-based actions.