Photograph of three of the Kuwait Water Towers looking skyward.

Kuwait Water Towers

Heritage Assessment
Conservation Management Schedule

State of Kuwait


Islamic culture and western technology come together at the Kuwait Water Towers (Abraj Al-Kuwait).

GML provided strategic advice regarding the place’s ongoing care and management.

A symbol of national identity for the Kuwaiti people, Abraj Al-Kuwait is a collection of remarkable water towers built on a promontory into the Persian Gulf. Constructed in 1979 and designed by Danish architect Malene Bjørn, they are a unique fusion of Western and Arabian ideas.

Photograph looking out from the Kuwait Water Towers.

The spectacular geometry of the Kuwait Water Towers is visible when looking out from inside the structure.

Part of the vital provision of water, they also reflect the modernisation of Kuwait and the aspirations of the State of Kuwait to provide for its people. They are a prominent landmark in Kuwait City.

GML assessed the condition of the towers and provided a maintenance schedule and policies for their day-to-day management.

GML also provided heritage advice on its nomination to the World Heritage list.