Giralang Primary School

Conservation Management Plan

ACT Education Directorate

Giralang, ACT

Giralang Primary School, ACT, is an architect-designed, heritage-listed school with a notable place in ACT’s architectural and educational history.

GML’s award-winning Conservation Management Plan documents, celebrates and manages the school’s rich heritage.

Giralang Primary School is part of a heritage-listed complex lauded for its unique architectural embodiment of the innovative open plan educational philosophy introduced to Canberra in the 1970s. Designed by acclaimed architect Enrico Taglietti, the school remains a key representative example of his late twentieth-century organic style.

GML developed the first Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the school, documenting its exceptional significance. A practical tool, the CMP guides the school’s ongoing conservation and maintenance. It highlights opportunities and constraints relating to the school’s identified heritage values.

GML worked closely with Taglietti to ensure that his original design intent, architectural philosophy and vision underpinned the CMP some 40 years after his design.


Architectural drawing of Giralang Primary School by Enrico Taglietti.

This consultation resulted in the preparation of a ‘Statement of Principles’ to guide future change while staying true to the fundamental design principles intrinsic to the school’s significance.

We also liaised with the school’s P&C association for significant input into the CMP. This helped renew the relationship between the architect and the contemporary school community, who are committed to its ongoing management.


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