Dairy Precinct Archival Recording

Photographic Archival Recording

Parramatta Park Trust

Parramatta, NSW

The result is an archival recording that is both functional and beautiful, capturing photographs that not only fulfil the consent condition, but that will be useful to place managers and researchers into the future.

The Dairy Precinct, Parramatta Park, is an important heritage site boasting one of Australia’s oldest buildings. GML prepared an innovative archival recording of the Dairy Precinct before, during and after conservation and interpretation upgrades to the place.

The aim was to document key structures, features and fabric to record works at each stage of the project. The archival recording was a condition of consent.

GML devised an innovative methodology for the project, with image thumbnails and descriptions of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs sitting side by side within the document to allow easy comparison. A colour-coded system was also established to easily distinguish the before, during and after photographs. This methodology required careful planning of camera angles prior to works to ensure that the frame of the ‘before’ photograph would capture the proposed changes to the site for the ‘after’ photograph.

Dairy Precinct Parramatta Park Archival Recording

Dairy Precinct Parramatta Park Archival Recording