City of Broken Hill, Social and Aesthetic Values

To determine Broken Hill’s aesthetic and social significance, Context (now GML Heritage) used the National Heritage List framework and the former Department of Environment, Water Heritage and the Art’s ‘inspirational landscapes’ criteria as a guide.

We developed a targeted methodology that drew on existing heritage studies and assessments of Broken Hill; community expressions including local art; activities and events; tourism perspectives on the city and how it is presented; outsiders’ perspectives on Broken Hill; a survey of art and literature sources relating to Broken Hill and an online survey of community-based aesthetic and social values.

This diverse range of sources allowed Context to provide a sound, evidence-based assessment of Broken Hill’s aesthetic characteristics and show which communities and cultural groups had a special attachment to Broken Hill.

We also assessed whether these social and aesthetic values demonstrated National importance, and the extent to which such values could be mapped.