Banyule Heritage Review

The Banyule Heritage Review was undertaken to assess places identified as part of the 1999 Study.

As was common at this time in heritage studies only ‘A’ and ‘B’ graded places had been assessed and the ‘C’ and ‘D’ grade places had been undocumented and unprotected. Context undertook fieldwork to assess the current condition and integrity of these places that ranged from community and public buildings to a wide range of high quality commercial and residential properties. Context also led two community workshops to expand upon the list of places, and to gather local knowledge.

Recommendations for precincts and a number of individual places to have Heritage Overlays resulted in a recent planning scheme amendment to protect these places. Context undertook one on one consultation with affected property owners during the public exhibition process, resulting in few objections at the Planning Panel.

The Banyule Heritage Review is one of a suite of heritage projects undertaken for Banyule that resulted in a Commendation in the 2013 PIA Victoria Best Planning Idea (Small).