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In response to a dramatic increase in tourism, environmental challenges and rapid development, GML produced a Heritage Management Framework, Risk Map and Tourism Management Plan for the iconic Angkor World Heritage Site.

Angkor is a proud symbol of the Cambodian nation and Khmer culture. It is one of the world’s most extraordinary heritage sites and part of humanity’s common inheritance. The Cambodian people are committed to being responsible custodians of the cultural past they have inherited.

GML worked alongside the Australian and Cambodian governments and UNESCO to address local community concerns as well as the conservation of monuments, archaeological sites and surrounding cultural landscape in the long term.

GML used GIS to map environmental, social and structural risks to the site, developed four pilot projects to test heritage management policies, and trained Angkor Wat staff to improve ongoing site management—actively helping to conserve heritage, improve visitor experiences and protect the environment.

Some of the reports and resources developed by GML included the Angkor Heritage Management Framework October 2013, an Angkor Heritage Management Framework Brochure across multiple languages, and Angkor Tourism Management Plan.

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