Telling Stories

Place making is a people-centred approach to design. It creates belonging and ‘sense of place’ through an emphasis on local history and people’s values and meanings.

Our everyday experience is shaped by place. Sensory yet intangible, places evoke and create memories and story.

Places are powerful, shaping our everyday experiences. Places evoke emotion and are brought to life through history, story and memory. These things connect people’s lives and livelihoods to the urban realm as it changes through time.

Uncovering the history of places, through primary sources, oral history and archaeology, can inspire design thinking and reinvigorate our public spaces with a distinctive local edge. Design through place-based interpretation can immerse people in memory, history and lived experiences that resonate today. Pictures, unearthed artefacts, quotes from diaries and letters, and other snippets of everyday life can help us reimagine a place and the people who lived, worked and played there—bridging its past, present and future.

Good design integrates heritage perspectives from the start. Good heritage interpretation never loses sight of design.

Exciting things can be done with technology, and by utilising the skills of multidisciplinary teams: landscape architects, designers, historians and sound technicians. Projections and art can tell the stories of places that have long since fallen into disuse.

Talk to us about our ideas for creative urban history and storytelling projects that can enrich places and nurture collective memory.


Of course, none of this is of any value unless people engage with the place—whether physically or digitally.

Well-thought-out interpretation strategies not only interact with existing audiences but draw in new ones—helping to meet the costs of conservation of a place and its collections into the future.

Because ultimately interpretation is not about locking up the past behind glass cabinets and fading signs but rather reimagining it, creating bold new approaches for how a place is presented to the public that are practical as well as inspiring.