Toorale National Park

Statement of Reconciliation

At GML, we consider ourselves fortunate to work with Indigenous people across Australia.

We acknowledge that Indigenous occupation spans thousands of years and generations.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the rightful custodians and interpreters of Country and their cultural heritage. We appreciate the distinctive and continuing cultural knowledge and connection to Country, waters, plants and animals of the traditional custodians of Australia. We pay our respects to them, their cultures and to their elders in the past, present and future.

The tolerance and resilience of Australia’s Indigenous people inspires us.

We understand that there is much to learn from Indigenous people. GML employees are provided with opportunities for education and learning from Indigenous people.

GML is committed to facilitating project outcomes that respond directly to custodial rights and interests in Country and cultural heritage.

Where possible, GML engages and supports Indigenous owned businesses.

Looking towards the future, we hope to continue to walk together to increase the recognition of Indigenous history and cultural heritage as part of Australia’s unique identity and to create greater opportunities for civic empathy and public awareness.