Petersham Grandstand Interpretation

The history of sportspeople is celebrated in newly installed interpretation devices at Petersham Grandstand, Sydney. GML Heritage was commissioned to develop the Interpretation Plan and devices by Inner West Council.

For over a century Petersham Park has been the stage for sporting heroes, triumphant moments and the din of a crowd cheering on their team. A loyal community has stood by in the bleachers glued to their team and the action unfolding on the oval before them. Today a strong following from local cricket and baseball clubs continue to use the park and hold valued memories and associations with the place.

The Interpretation devices track the timeline of sport played at the grounds, the social aspects of the game and stories of key figures in the sporting arena. Importantly, the devices include the stories of sportswomen, who until very recently, have received less recognition in the sporting arena. By celebrating lesser known stories (such as Mollie ‘the Demon’ Flaherty), our Interpretation team widens the community experience and perspective, building greater appreciation and value of the place.

Petersham Mural

Mollie in Motion

A dynamic mural of Mollie ‘the Demon’ Flaherty was commissioned as an Interpretation device, adjacent to the Grandstand. The design was inspired by her bowling action captured in photographic reel held by the National Museum of Australia.

Originally from Dulwich Hill, Mollie was nicknamed ‘the Demon’ because of her fiery personality and the high velocity of her bowling. Mollie was an Australian Test cricketer from 1937 to 1949, representing Australia in all six Tests. A supreme athlete, Mollie also played baseball for Australia and became a champion in golf tournaments after her retirement from cricket.

Grandstand Signage

A series of four signs tracking the timeline of the place were developed. The signs address a series of themes and are positioned to overlook the sportsfield. All devices were sensitively designed to align with the style of Inner West Council.