GML Wins at 2017 National Trust ACT Heritage Awards!

GML continues its winning streak at the National Trust of Australia ACT Heritage Awards 2017, for work completed at Giralang Primary School.

This year, we were honoured to receive the award for Significant Contribution to ACT Heritage for the Giralang Primary School Conservation Management Plan. This project was completed on behalf of the ACT Education Directorate.

About the Conservation Management Plan

Giralang Primary School was constructed in 1976—part of a complex including a separate preschool and child health clinic—designed by AIA Gold Medal winning architect Enrico Taglietti.

Recognised through listing on the ACT Heritage Register as the ‘Giralang Primary School Complex’ the school did not previously have a Conservation Management Plan (CMP). The CMP is an essential tool, to provide the managers, users, and broader community with a clear understanding of its exceptional significance, and to guide its ongoing conservation, maintenance and future management.

The school has many significant features and attributes, including its historical associations with the development of the innovative open plan educational philosophy introduced to the ACT during the 1970s. It also demonstrates the late twentieth century organic architectural style, for which architect Enrico Taglietti is renowned, and it is highly valued for its architectural and aesthetic qualities. The community has a strong association with the place, from its centralised location in the suburb and its open park setting, and its role as a community hub, to the innovative approach to incorporate facilities into the design for use by the community after hours.

Consultation with Taglietti was invaluable for providing insight into the original design intent, architectural philosophy and vision for the future of Giralang Primary School.  This resulted in the preparation of a ‘Statement of Principles’ which includes fundamental design principles intrinsic to the school’s significance and to guide future change.

Establishing a renewed relationship between the school community and Taglietti was a rewarding part of the CMPs development. GML established a close collaboration with Taglietti, the stakeholder committee, and representatives of the school, local community and ACT Government, to ensure the community-held values of the site are fully appreciated and considered in any future decisions.

The awards were presented by Mick Gentleman, MLA and held at the heritage-listed Gorman House, in Ainslie.  Congratulations to all involved.


Architectural drawing of Giralang Primary School by Enrico Taglietti.