Conservation of Durham Bowes, Richmond

Durham Bowes (Mountain View) (c1804-1870’s) is a historic homestead in Richmond, NSW.

It is a State Heritage Register listed place that is of exceptional significance because of its age, architectural qualities and integrity—as well as being a rare early 19th century survivor with later period layering. While the residence’s physical and historic character is highly intact, it is significantly deteriorated and requires urgent intervention.

Fortunately, a program of essential conservation works is being undertaken with funding from the NSW Heritage Grants Program (2021-2023). GML Heritage is providing specialist heritage advice, led by Senior Associate, Jyoti Somerville. Specialist heritage building works are being carried out by Sydney Restoration Company.

High priority works currently underway include roof repair and refixing, upgrading roof and ground water drainage, structural repairs to original external joinery including repair of anted timbers and repairing collapsed areas of brickwork.

The works are being carried out and documented in a manner that provides both state and local heritage agencies with an exemplar of best conservation practice and to support programs for future visitation and education.