Rachel Jackson

Canberra Modern Awarded Clem Cummings Medal

We are thrilled that Canberra Modern was awarded the 2020 Clem Cummings Medal at the Australian Institute of Architects in the ACT.

GML Principal and Director, Rachel Jackson is one of three Founders of Canberra Modern, along with Amy Jarvis and Edwina Jans. Canberra Modern was established in 2016 to promote the protection and appreciation of the places which make an irreplaceable contribution to Canberra’s historic urban and designed cultural landscape. The Medal recognises the contributions by those who are not architects to architecture and in the public interest.

“With Canberra in danger of losing more of its mid-century buildings, Canberra Modern’s efforts in promoting the benefits of these buildings is critical both to save part of Canberra’s history but also to generate greater architectural tourism for Canberra,” The Australian Institute of Architects, ACT Chapter President, Ms Battisson said.

Learn more about modernist history of Canberra and the founding of Canberra Modern here and canberramodern.com

Canberra Modern Founders