A New Politics of Heritage Reconstruction in Afghanistan

Congratulations to GML Senior Heritage Consultant Dr Constance Wyndham on the publication of her new book, A New Politics of Heritage Reconstruction in Afghanistan: In the Shadow of the Buddhas.

Based on extensive fieldwork and Dr Wyndham’s work on several internationally sponsored heritage projects, this book investigates the politics of cultural heritage preservation in Afghanistan between 2008 and 2015.

Dr Wyndham argues that a particular configuration of heritage and politics has emerged after the destruction of the Buddhas at Bamyan and demonstrates how the characteristics of this ‘post-Bamyan’ heritage paradigm are revealed through a number of case studies.

These case studies reveal how politics and heritage are currently configured across a diverse range of governments, state and non-state actors, NGOs, individuals and forms of expertise—and why such intersections matter.

The new publication is available online through Routledge.

A New Politics of Heritage Reconstruction in Afghanistan.