First Nations Speaker Series

GML Heritage and the Research Centre for Deep History at the Australian National University, are pleased to present a ‘First Nations Speaker Series’. This series creates space for a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to talk about history, heritage and culture.

Guests are invited to the in-person event at our Sydney office to listen to, and engage with, a range of presenters who will discuss key themes in First Nations heritage and culture and issues affecting people today.

Key themes for the First Nations Speaker Series include:

  • Nature/culture
  • Connection to country
  • Ancestral remains/Repatriation
  • Destruction of cultural heritage and cultural harm
  • Heritage reform (Local and National)
  • Recent and contemporary Aboriginal connections to place
  • Deep history/time
  • Histories of place
  • Hidden histories
  • Shared histories
  • Settler colonialism
  • More-than-human relations

Talk 1: Ongoing Responsibilities and Findings Answers

Our first talk was held on 13 May 2021. Dr Leah Lui-Chivizhe presented a talk called ‘Ongoing Responsibilities’ and Finding Answers’, about the challenges of working with collections gathered during colonisation—specifically ancestral remains—and the unresolved issues this creates for First Nations people.

Photo: Dr Leah Lui-Chivizhe presenting at GML Heritage Sydney, May 2021.