Hill End Heritage Centre

Project Type:

Historical Research, Interpretation Planning, Implementation


National Parks and Wildlife Service

LGA: Bathurst Regional Council

Awards: National Trust Award 2017 - Education and Interpretation Category

Hill End Historic Site (Hill End), located in Central Western NSW, is a former gold mining village with a rich industrial history. Its significance is recognised through statutory and non-statutory heritage listings.

The development of the Hill End Heritage Centre (the Centre) is part of a broader revitalisation program being implemented by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

GML with Trigger developed and implemented the interpretative exhibition for the Centre which responded to the masterplan and interpretation plan. The interpretation planning and exhibition sought to convey the significant heritage values of Hill End through creative, innovative interpretation and an enhanced visitor experience. Our methodology included a critical review of the background documentation, and targeted research relating to the place’s historic character, significance, collections, visitors, policies and plans.

Located on Beyer’s Avenue at the entry to the town, the Centre is in an adaptively reused Rural Fire Service shed.  Much of the form and fabric of the RFS shed was retained to ensure its character and significant values were conserved. Understated and utilitarian, the shed is a key part of the interpretive experience.

The exhibition—’Alchemy: The Lustre of Hill End’—is fresh and contemporary with a design and material palette that reflects the industrial qualities of Hill End.   The content provides a deeper insight into Hill End’s history through engaging themes that connect with today’s audiences.  We hope that the experience delights visitors and provides cultural and economic benefits by encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore the many other attractions at Hill End.

Photographs by Anthea Williamson.

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GML Heritage project
GML Heritage project
GML Heritage project
GML Heritage project
GML Heritage project
GML Heritage project