Support Staff

Alexandra Mavris

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I find history fascinating, so working with a team that uncovers and conserves heritage—and helping to keep things organised for our consultants—is a real privilege. There’s a real family feel at GML which I love being part of.

Alexandra Mavris is GML’s indispensable Office Assistant. Her duties are diverse and include telephone reception, greeting visitors, project support (including complex formatting in MS Word, and report creation in Adobe), event organisation, office operations, procurement, and marketing support. Alexandra is highly proficient in the MS Office suite. She brings enthusiasm, adaptability and professionalism to her role.

Sarah Trevor

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Working at the nexus of people, place, language and the past is endlessly fascinating. I particularly enjoy the challenge of making our content and deliverables word perfect, all while discovering more about Australian history and heritage.

Sarah Trevor, Proofreader at GML Heritage, is responsible for ensuring all written content conforms to the GML editorial style.

Her role includes editing technical reports and proposals, copywriting for GML marketing (including the website, brochures, CVs and case studies) and providing ongoing writing/editorial support to the team. She also assists with quality assurance.

Prior to joining GML, Sarah worked as a deputy editor and features writer in publishing, a content writer and researcher in the family history field, and a freelance copywriter for digital marketing agencies.

She has a keen interest in Australian history and heritage.

Heike Cripps

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Being from Europe, heritage has always been very much a part of my world. Working at GML has built on this appreciation, and opened my eyes to Australia’s unique and precious heritage.

Heike Cripps, Finance Coordinator, works closely with GML’s Chief Financial Officer in overseeing the firm’s financial operations. Heike plays a pivotal role in the busy finance team by ensuring relevant and accurate financial information is readily available to management, allowing for the continual monitoring and improvement of business performance. She handles all accounts payable and receivable, the payroll, and is responsible for maintaining and refining accounting processes and is a key contact point for GML clients. Heike’s background is firmly grounded in business operations and finance, having held a number of roles ranging from Bookkeeper to Business Manager. She has extensive experience training employees, managing financial operations and working in diverse teams. Her adaptability and organisational skills are a great asset to the GML team.

Claire Geary

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Behind every great company is an established and effective set of processes and systems, and a culture with a shared commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients/customers. We work hard and we do it well.

Claire Geary, Manager, Corporate Services and Director, GML Heritage Holdings Pty Ltd, has worked in both public and private sector operations and management. She has been part of the GML management team for more than a decade, providing administrative, operational and strategic planning support, research and advice to the CEO, Partners, and the GML Board. Claire manages GML’s corporate functions including HR, marketing, IT, risk and compliance, quality and governance. She is also closely involved in GML project management and contracting. Claire has an MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance. Prior to joining GML, Claire held senior roles in local government and the not-for-profit sector. She has far-reaching volunteer experience, including on not-for-profit boards, councils management committees, youth leadership and sports coaching.

Sharon Johnson

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Providing financial guidance and support allows our professionals the freedom to innovate and ensure the richness of our heritage endures into our future.

Sharon Johnson, CFO, leads GML’s Finance Team. She is responsible for the overall financial management of the business, including statutory and board reporting, financial performance evaluation, commentary, advice and change management as well as all Company Secretarial matters. She also trains staff company wide on financial concepts, IT requirements, governance issues and improved financial outcome of projects. Since joining GML, Sharon has introduced a range of continuous improvement measures, including significant enhancements to the GML financial system. Sharon is also a tutor at the University of Sydney’s Business Programs Unit and has been awarded the Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutoring on numerous occasions. Sharon has extensive experience as a senior financial officer and has worked at a range of companies of various sizes throughout her career. Her depth of financial knowledge and leadership skills have enabled GML to continually innovate and grow.

Jenny Mackay

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Despite our digital age, our printed library has a significant part to play in documenting heritage issues around the world and in supporting GML professionals in their role as heritage advisors.

Jenny Mackay, GML’s Librarian, oversees the cataloguing and shelving of around 1000 books, 2000 reports and countless other professional publications for use by GML staff. Jenny has had a long and varied career in administrative positions in Australia and overseas, including Washington DC, London and Rome. Her roles have included advising executives, writing procedures and policies, controlling a software distribution centre and organising and administrating large international conferences throughout Europe. She has also managed the administration of the Continuing Legal Education Section of the College of Law in Sydney. Jenny is a member of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and has had an interest and involvement in the heritage world for many years.

Suzy Pickles

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The capturing of a moment through a sketch, a photograph, an etching or a map gives us a powerful insight into the lives of people across places and time. Working with such visual resources brings me great pleasure!

Suzy Pickles, Graphics Consultant and Communications Team Leader, heads the GML Heritage Communications Team. She has a broad range of experience in communications, marketing, graphic design, desktop publishing and digital media projects across corporate and creative environments.

Suzy brings creative flair and innovative design solutions to both the GML brand and to GML projects. She has a passion for heritage and has collaborated on a number of heritage interpretation projects as well as heritage related animations and installations. She is also able to apply her hands-on design skills to produce marketing products across print and digital platforms.

Suzy recently led the GML brand refresh, implementing an exciting new look for the company.

Tatiana Tauri

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Growing up in Ballarat, Victoria, heritage has always been a part of who I am, and will continue to be a part of my life.

Tatiana Tauri is responsible for all things operational at GML. She is an administrative all-rounder who provides key support across the firm including having the prime responsibility for ensuring all employees have what they need to do their work and in a functioning environment. Tatiana provides practical support across the functional areas of the Corporate Services portfolio, including IT, premises, HR, marketing, financial, compliance and legal, communications, project support and special projects. She has a comprehensive understanding of GML Heritage’s operations and procedures.

Jane Vernon

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I love our old heritage (particularly built). We are losing so much on the North Shore where I live, but I enjoy being with a team who strive to save our potentially attractive suburbs, encompassing pre-1990, Federation, Californian Bungalow etc.

Jane Vernon is GML’s PA/Receptionist. Jane meets and greets visitors to the Sydney office, provides key administrative assistance to the Partners, handles travel arrangements and catering, and undertakes a range of other PA duties. Jane has decades of experience in a host of secretarial roles that include working for a ducal estate in the far northwest of Scotland, and as PA to a Director of Christie’s in London. Jane has always been interested in old buildings—perhaps genetic as she is a great granddaughter of Walter Liberty Vernon, NSW Government Architect (1890–1911). She volunteers at Eryldene Historic House and Garden and is a member of the Australian Garden History Society, Ceramics Collectors Society and Furniture History Society. Jane’s unique style and flair is appreciated by GML Heritage’s staff and visitors alike.