Senior Associates

Tim Owen

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Archaeology and heritage provide a window into our collective past—to understand who we are today and what is important to us, we need to understand where we have come from and how we have made the journey

Dr Tim Owen, GML Heritage Senior Associate, has 15 years’ experience working as a professional archaeologist; he has extensive experience in directing both Aboriginal and historical projects and excavations throughout Australia. He specialises in complex cultural landscape assessments, heritage management, bioarchaeological analysis and Aboriginal community, client and government liaison.

Tim’s expertise lies in resolving complex strategic planning issues associated with large-scale projects, which include Aboriginal community consultation, Aboriginal and historical archaeological field survey, assessment, excavation, management and reporting. He has conceived and directed numerous public archaeology projects, and received the Martin Davies Award in 2007 for his long-term work at the Port Arthur Historic site, Tasmania.

Tim is a senior research fellow at Flinders University, with active research projects in Sydney and Adelaide.