Don Wallace

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Don Wallace, GML Heritage Associate, has over 20 years’ practical and specialist experience in heritage management and conservation of places of all levels of significance for private, institutional, and local, state, and Commonwealth government clients.

Having first worked with the WA Government, he assisted in the conservation and strategic planning of a number of public buildings and precincts. He was the project heritage consultant for the award-winning conservation and refurbishment of Perth Town Hall in 2005.

He has experience working with the provisions and practical operations of the NSW Heritage Act 1977, the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) (the EPA Act) and the EPA Act’s environmental planning process and instruments. His expertise ranges from strategic heritage issue identification for planning proposals, to the detailed design and specification of traditional construction materials, techniques and interiors for places of high significance. His appreciation of cross-discipline heritage issues, including archaeology, natural heritage and arboriculture, and ability to communicate and work with other specialists, allows him to bring a comprehensive and holistic understanding of heritage management to projects.

Madeline Shanahan

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When I hold an artefact like a comb, key or toy in my hand, or touch the texture of convict dressed stone, I feel connected to people of the past, and to their everyday lived experiences. For me, that is the power of archaeology. Being able to share the stories of people long since gone is a part of my job that I cherish.

Dr Madeline Shanahan, GML Associate and Archaeology Manager, has over 10 years’ experience as a professional archaeologist and historian. She also holds a PhD in Archaeology from University College Dublin and a First Class Honours degree in Historical Archaeology from the University of Sydney.

Madeline has worked as a heritage consultant in Dublin, Melbourne and Sydney. She is an experienced field archaeologist and has authored numerous heritage reports and archaeological assessments. Madeline also has extensive experience in Aboriginal history, cultural heritage and Native Title research, and is highly skilled in the area of community consultation.

As GML’s Archaeology Manager, Madeline is responsible for the overall management of the archaeology team, including the development of best practice methodologies in archaeological and heritage management, research and practice. She plays a pivotal role in client relationship building and community consultation, and draws on her experience to develop internal policy and procedures related to archaeological matters.

Madeline is an active researcher. She has authored a book and a range of peer-reviewed articles and regularly speaks at national and international conferences. She is an Honorary Associate with the Archaeology Department at La Trobe University and is an Associate Investigator with the Australian Research Council’s Centre for Excellence in the History of Emotions. Her research interests relate to food and cookery, recipe books, women’s history and domestic space.

Catherine Macarthur

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Catherine Macarthur, Associate, is a registered Architect with a focus on heritage and conservation. Catherine believes conserving the increasingly rare and valuable heritage of our community provides more meaningful and enjoyable built environments for future generations, in the context of quality contemporary design. She enjoys making a difference in an ever evolving cultural landscape.

With a diverse career in the heritage field and architectural design, Catherine has worked in the three tiers of government as well as the private sector. For state agency clients she has provided strategic asset management and maintenance advice on state significant heritage places, such as Sydney Hospital, Gladesville Hospital complex, Millers Point, Observatory Hill and NSW Schools. Catherine is highly experienced in providing design advice, statutory guidance, and clarity in the complex heritage legislative framework of local council LEP provisions and the NSW Heritage Act, as well as hands-on technical conservation work on site.

As the primary consultant, who can coordinate a range of specialists, Catherine believes that the best results are achieved through early and collaborative consultation with developers and the community.

More recently she also has experience in urban design review for government, facility planning, education masterplans, and providing valuable expertise/liaison for major clients in sensitive locations.

Claire Nunez

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I’m interested in the ongoing connection between people and place. Heritage for me is about people, their stories and how they have shaped our world—it’s a living thing, always evolving, never static.

Claire Nunez is the Manager of the Heritage Places team at GML. She has extensive experience working on heritage assessments, management planning documents and liaising with a wide variety of stakeholders including Australian federal and state government agencies, as well as international organisations, community groups and industry representatives.

Prior to joining GML, Claire was an Assistant Director in the Heritage Branch at the Commonwealth Department of Environment. She brings expert knowledge of statutory bodies, public authorities and government processes to GML, as well as an in-depth understanding of government heritage programs and policy. In addition, she has expertise in world, national and Commonwealth heritage matters and the application of the Environment, Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Claire’s superior management skills, approachable manner and hands-on experience as a conservator make her a valued member of the GML team and an active, enthusiastic Manager of the Heritage Places team.

Julian Siu

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Not simply a passion to conserve and engage with our past in order to enliven our present, but also to re-imagine heritage for the future.

Julian Siu, GML Heritage Associate, is a built heritage expert with extensive experience in providing heritage conservation advice, undertaking heritage assessments and preparing various heritage management reports. He has also developed strategic heritage management frameworks for key development and industrial sites.

Julian specialises in the conservation of built and industrial heritage, adaptive re-use and heritage interpretation. He has worked on a wide range of residential, commercial, educational, complex development and masterplan projects. He is skilled in historical research, heritage significance analysis, impact assessments, statements of significance, conservation management plans, interpretation strategies and statements of evidence. Julian is well versed in Commonwealth and state heritage legislation and local planning controls, along with best practice heritage, urban design and sustainability principles.

Julian has experience utilising the Defence Environmental Risk Tool (ERT), the Defence Heritage Management Plan template, as well as heritage impact assessments, public consultation and referrals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Jyoti Somerville

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‘Why is it so?’ The many answers to this question underlie the heritage consultant’s work. By understanding the historical background, architectural character, structure, detailing and materials, an account of the past can be reconstructed to inform the present and future. For our present and future achievements stand or fall on our understanding of our past.

Jyoti Somerville, GML Heritage Associate, is an architectural conservation expert with over 30 years’ experience in built heritage conservation. Her expertise is focused on heritage assessments and conservation policies for buildings and their settings, ranging from large complex sites to individual buildings.

Jyoti specialises in nineteenth to late twentieth-century architectural heritage; groups of buildings and their settings; and the conservation of complex sites in urban and regional areas. She has a proven track record working with statutory bodies and public authorities to develop and resolve heritage issues and challenges. Jyoti’s work encompasses ‘hands-on’ conservation including condition assessments and scheduling of works for repair/restoration and adaptation of public, private and institutional buildings and sites.

Jyoti has acted as a heritage adviser and trainer for local government and she has held a number of key positions in the heritage industry including Vice President of Australia ICOMOS.