Customs Houses Conservation Management Plans

Context (now GML Heritage) was engaged by the Australian Customs Service to assess and provide plans for heritage sites under their lease, which include Customs’ Houses in Portland (VIC), Geraldton (WA), Launceston (Tas), and Thursday Island (TS).

Launceston Customs House has a large collection of objects with provenance of note, including 19th century furniture and other objects that can be traced to the operations of customs in Launceston. Context also took into account the intangible heritage values of the place, including its history of continuous use.

Thursday Island Customs House was assessed for both Commonwealth and National heritage values and Context provided a heritage inventory along with a comprehensive Conservation Management Plan.

In all cases, including Geraldton and Portland Customs Houses, Context investigated the heritage values of the building, along with those of the interior including the use of cultural heritage objects that form part of the layout and function of the space.