Botany Road and Wyndham Street, Alexandria

Photographic Archival Recording

Blueshore Development Group

Alexandria, NSW

Evocative, gritty images of an inner-city Sydney in flux.

When these warehouse buildings in Alexandria, Sydney, faced demolition for a redevelopment proposal, GML fast-tracked a photographic archival recording to meet City of Sydney’s DA approval conditions for our client, completing the project within a matter of weeks.

GML was commissioned by JAPM on behalf of Blueshore Development Group to undertake an archival recording of two connected sites in Alexandria: a single-storey residential dwelling on Wyndham Street and two two-storey warehouses on Botany Road.

GML ensured a fast turnaround time for the on-site photography and efficient preparation of the archival recording report to meet council requirements.

One of the challenges of this project was capturing the dark interiors of the warehouses, as electricity had been disconnected and there were no functional lights. The large size of some of the warehouse spaces meant that portable lights would have been a challenge, so we utilised tripods and long exposures (up to 30 seconds) for the interior photographs. This methodology resulted in some evocative, gritty images of an inner-city Sydney in flux.

Botany Road and Wyndham Street