Talei Holm
Heritage Consultant, Archaeologist

Talei Holm holds a Bachelor of Archaeological Practice from the Australian National University. She has a background in environmental archaeology and forensic archaeology.

Prior to joining GML, Talei worked as a subcontractor archaeologist and field assistant on multiple historical and First Nations archaeological excavations. She has taken part in archaeological research in Sydney, Tasmania and Lincolnshire, UK, on sites of First Nations, colonial-era, and Anglo-Saxon heritage respectively.

Through her tertiary studies, industry experience and participation in interstate and overseas field schools, Talei has developed skills in archaeological assessments and excavation, including site surveying, environmental sampling, hand excavation, feature recording, artefact and site photography, and artefact processing. She has experience in assisting with community engagement and the recording of oral histories through her work as a student supervisor on the Triabunna Barracks archaeology project.

Talei has also previously worked as a volunteer mentor for Indigenous high school students through the University of Sydney’s AIME program.


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‘Heritage is increasingly multidisciplinary. I enjoy bringing together archaeology, intangible heritage, and cutting-edge tools like geospatial technology to recreate the story of a place.’


Bachelor of Archaeological Practice, Australian National University (Environmental Archaeology and Forensic Archaeology)