Sheridan Burke
Special Adviser

Sheridan Burke, Special Adviser and former Partner of GML Heritage, has been responsible for developing innovative conservation advice and plans for heritage places—iconic and local—for more than 35 years. Sheridan’s experience includes heritage management and interpretation projects throughout Australia and internationally. She specialises in urban planning, twentieth-century heritage and heritage interpretation.

Sheridan facilitates multidisciplinary teams to create highly visual heritage planning documents that can be easily implemented, developing fresh and strategic conservation planning outcomes and policy for a range of heritage places—from suburban houses and factories to complex operational Defence sites across Australia and institutional properties such as the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Australian War Memorial and the Australian National University.

Sheridan is a member of the Sydney Opera House Conservation Council. She is President of the ICOMOS International Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage and President of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee. Sheridan is a widely published author and lectures in conservation practice, twentieth-century heritage and house museum management. She is also active internationally, undertaking World Heritage site monitoring missions and providing advice to ICOMOS and UNESCO as well as working on training and research projects with the Getty Conservation Institute.

Prior to joining GML, Sheridan was the Senior Curator, Manager Property Operations, at the Historic Houses Trust of NSW, and a Senior Policy Specialist at the Heritage Council of NSW.

Twentieth-century heritage places are so vulnerable to change. Changed before their values have been recognised and assessed, let alone protected. My favourite GML jobs are ones where we’ve been engaged in the early stages of site planning, integrating opportunities to interpret the twentieth-century elements to ensure good conservation outcomes in vibrant new development contexts.