Dr Jennifer Jones-Travers, GML Heritage Associate

Dr Jennifer Jones-Travers
Associate, Archaeologist

Dr Jennifer Jones-Travers, GML Heritage Associate, and Archaeologist, holds a PhD in archaeology and has over a decade of experience as an archaeologist. She specialises in historical archaeology and has worked on archaeological projects across Australia, Canada, and Jamaica.

An experienced field archaeologist, she has supervised, directed and worked on both historical and Aboriginal archaeological projects. Her strengths include report writing, surveying and investigating sites, research design, material culture analysis, and collections management. With a firm grounding in consulting, government and academic archaeology, Jennifer offers a well-rounded approach to archaeological projects and problems.

Jennifer has overseen projects of local and state significance in Tasmania—most recently reporting on archaeological excavations and the survey of convict sites in the Southern Midlands. She recently completed her dissertation on the archaeology of tourism at World Heritage-listed Port Arthur in Tasmania.

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Working as an archaeologist is rewarding because through artefacts, structural remnants and landscapes we can provide communities with a tangible connection to those who came before them.


PhD (Archaeology), Simon Fraser University, Canada

Master of Arts (Anthropology and Archaeology), Memorial University of Newfoundland

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology), Simon Fraser University, Canada