Jane McMahon
Senior Heritage Consultant


Jane McMahon, GML Senior Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in archaeology and heritage studies from the University of Sydney. Since joining GML in 2014, Jane has worked on a range of historical and Aboriginal heritage projects, gaining diverse experience in archaeology and heritage interpretation.

Jane is experienced in managing and preparing archaeological and heritage assessments—including significance and impact assessments and research designs—for a number of complex sites, particularly in urban areas. She has worked with a range of clients from the public and private sector, including state government and Commonwealth agencies.

She is experienced in management and excavation of historical and Aboriginal archaeological projects, including those associated with major infrastructure. Jane has also worked on sites in Greece and Cyprus.

Jane’s previous experience in museum education, collection management and public programs has provided a sound basis for her work in heritage interpretation. She has prepared interpretation plans and strategies, as well as working with multidisciplinary teams to develop creative content.

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Material culture allows us to take hold of the past with both hands, providing a tangible link to those who have gone before and coloured our communities. To discover an artefact is to discover another precious insight into our collective story and another thread in the tapestry of each unique life.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Sydney

Certificate of Completion Conservation Field School, Flinders University



Australian Archaeological Association

Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology