Hannah Griffiths
Heritage Consultant

Hannah Griffiths, GML Heritage Consultant, has a heritage management background. She holds a Bachelor of Cultural Heritage with Arts (Honours), having submitted a thesis on the heritage management partnership at The Big Dig Site at The Rocks in Sydney.

Hannah has worked on a range of Commonwealth projects for the National Capital Authority and Departments of Defence, Finance, Parliamentary Services and Infrastructure and Regional Development. She has prepared heritage advice and impact assessments for a wide variety of heritage sites across Australia under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwlth) legislation. Hannah has also delivered projects under ACT heritage legislation.

Hannah is a member of the National Trust (ACT) Heritage Committee and the Property Council of Australia’s (ACT Division) Sponsorship, Marketing and Events Committee.

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Cultural heritage is more than buildings and artefacts. It is evident in the places around us; the design of our cities and suburbs, the urban landscapes and precincts. Canberra is a wonderful example of this—a city distinctly connected to its natural and cultural heritage values.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Canberra

Bachelor of Cultural Heritage, University of Canberra


National Trust of Australia (ACT)

Sydney Living Museums

Property Council of Australia’s (ACT Division) Sponsorship, Marketing and Events Committee