First Nations Speaker Series with Terri Janke

Working with Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property: An Introduction to the True Tracks ICIP Protocols

Terri Janke spoke at the First Nations Speaker Series on Gadigal Country, The Mint (Gold Melting Room), Sydney on 9th December.

Terri Janke is a Wuthathi/Meriam woman and international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). In 2000, she set up the award-winning legal firm Terri Janke and Company which today has a broad and diverse client base including Indigenous and non-Indigenous creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses and government departments. The firm specialises in Commercial Law and leads the way in ICIP protocols and Indigenous engagement for various sectors including the arts, museums and galleries, film and business. Terri is also an author of fiction and non-fiction, her most recent book True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture came out in 2021.

Photo: Terri Janke. Photo by Jamie James; Artwork by Bibi Barba.