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National Archaeology Week 2021

Our dedicated team of archaeologists are marking National Archaeology Week 2021 with a range of activities.

National Archaeology Week is held annually to promote the practice of archaeology in Australia, and our unique archaeological heritage.

Learn more about GML’s archaeology projects at one of the talks listed below, or watch our fieldwork videos.

Parramatta National Archaeology Week

The Deep Time Aboriginal Cultural Landscape of Parramatta

12.15pm, Thursday 20 May

Dr Tim Owen and Dharug Custodial Knowledge Holders will present an overview of recent research that synthesizes past archaeological work across Parramatta, to provide a holistic deep time cultural landscape understanding of 40,000 years of Parramatta’s occupation by Aboriginal people. The research has been driven through the outcomes of Aboriginal archaeological excavations.

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Schofields National Archaeology Week

Schofields—Aboriginal Contact Archaeology: on the edge?

Friday 21 May, SHAP Workshop

Dr Tim Owen and Simon Munt (Flinders University) will be presenting an overview of the substantial contact period archaeology of Waawaar Awaa, showing the outcomes of technological and use wear analysis on an assemblage of 143 glass, 133 ceramic and three flint artefacts. The place of this site in the wider cultural landscape will be described.

Taree Police Station National Archaeology Week

Archaeology at Taree Police Station

Friday 21 May, SHAP Workshop

GML Senior Consultant, Sophie Jennings will be discussing the findings from an excavation at the Taree Police Station, which further revealed details about the work and life of police in regional NSW. Taree Police Station is significant for its long and continuous association with the NSW Police Force and the maintenance, promotion and enforcement of law in Taree since 1863. The former police station and associated stables, along with the current courthouse, had been on the site since 1884.

If you can’t attend the talk, take a look at the Taree Police Station Excavation Summary.

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Parramatta Light Rail National Archaeology Week

Archaeology Fieldwork Videos

Learn more about the archaeological sites and artefacts in our fieldwork videos from the Parramatta Light Rail.

Artefacts at Robin Thomas Reserve with Abi

Testing ancient soils with Talei