Sharon Veale

Sharon Veale Featured on ABC Radio

Sharon Veale, GML CEO and Partner, was recently interviewed by Cassie McCullagh on ABC Radio Focus, to discuss the new publication Paddington, A history, along with editor Dr Greg Young.

The book traces the evolution of the iconic Sydney suburb’s unique architecture and landscape, and explores the diverse community of Indigenous, colonial, postwar migrant, bohemian and LGBTQ residents. Sharon co-authored one of the chapters with Peter McNeil. It charts the ‘“gloss of gentrification” in Paddington from the end of the 1950s up until this still new 21st century’.

The book is an initiative of the Paddington Society. It is authored by 13 specialists, published by NewSouth Books and can be purchased here.

GML also hosted a talk about the book in Sydney on 14 February 2019. Learn more here.