Recent Promotions

Congratulations to our colleagues who have recently been recognised and promoted!

They have demonstrated outstanding commitment to our clients, championed heritage and worked to both advance their knowledge and share it. We are fortunate to have you on our team!

Julian Siu has been promoted to Principal. Julian specialises in built heritage, adaptive re-use and heritage interpretation. His knowledge of heritage planning and advanced project management skills has seen him successfully coordinate major projects for state and Commonwealth government clients in NSW and Victoria.

Kim Roberts

Dr Kim Roberts has been promoted to Senior Associate. Kim Roberts is an architect who has specialised in heritage architecture, heritage planning and heritage asset management for over fifteen years. She is a passionate advocate of cultural heritage and delights in developing innovative responses to heritage contexts. Much of her recent work providing strategic and statutory heritage advice has been focused at improving the balance between cultural heritage, social and urban environments and tailoring architectural design to sensitively respond to these contexts.

Leonie Masson

Leonie Masson has been promoted to Associate. Leonie Masson is a historian with over 20 years experience as a researcher and historian, and an extensive knowledge of documentary resources, local government records, local and state archives and national institutions. Her work has spanned a diverse array of sites in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, from residential and education projects to rural grain silos to inner-city heritage conservation areas.

Sophie Jennings has been promoted to Associate. Sophie has 12 years’ experience working in the heritage sector, and has undertaken archaeological projects in New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and in England. She specialises in both historical and Aboriginal archaeology, and is highly skilled in the preparation of Aboriginal and historical archaeological assessments, research designs, and heritage advice. She has also been site supervisor and excavation director on a number of historical and Aboriginal archaeological excavations.

Anna Leeson has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Anna has worked on a range of Commonwealth projects for the Museum of Australian Democracy, CSIRO and Departments of Defence, Finance, and Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. Anna has a keen interest in the relationship between the built environment and cultural and personal associations and strives to understand how the history of our places and landscapes shape us.

Patrick Atkinson has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Patrick has a passion for public history and heritage management. He has valuable experience providing heritage advice and writing heritage and cultural landscape management plans for historic places and landscapes across NSW and the ACT. Patrick’s value of the past informs his practice. He believes that communicating history through heritage is immensely satisfying as it brings these values to life

Shikha Swaroop has been promoted to Senior Consultant. She has a keen interest in architectural and conservation theory, fabric conservation and the integration of new design into a heritage setting. Shikha has experience in project-managing cases in the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, heritage impact statements for public and commercial buildings, private homes and monuments around the Greater Sydney area. She also has experience as a casual tutor in urban design and heritage conservation at the University of Sydney.

Waled Shehata

Dr Waled Shehata has been promoted to Consultant. He is an Architecture specialist with experience in Australia and internationally. Waled’s work has spanned a diverse ray of sites, from retail to museum projects to rural estates. He has lectured in adaptive re-use, architecture and urban design in Egypt and Russia.

Megan Ground Truths

Megan Lawrence has been promoted to Consultant. she is a design professional with over a decade of experience as both a consultant and educator. She has worked in multiple architecture and design firms in Australia, Ireland and the UK as an interior designer, AutoCAD technician and design consultant.

Jacob Gwiazdzinski has been promoted to Consultant. He is and archaeologist with strong skills in research, photogrammetry, site surveying as well as on-site photographic and archaeological recording and has keen interest in new technologies to gather a deeper understanding of the site and its history. He has experience working on historical and First Nations sites of local, state and national significance.