How to Preserve Vibrant Cultural Heritage?

GML CEO and Partner Sharon Veale recently presented at the Living Heritage Symposium in the City of San Antonio, Texas.

The vibrancy of the city, combined with its strong focus on cultural heritage preservation, made it an appropriate setting for heritage professionals and the community to collaborate. Key questions focused on managing living heritage as part of sustainable development.

About the Living Heritage Symposium

Sharon joined a host of internal and local speakers at the Bexar County Courthouse, in downtown San Antonio. In deep red sandstone it was designed by J Riely Gordon and opened in 1896.

The following themes were discussed:

  • Heritage / Social Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development
  • Preserving Living Heritage for Economic Prosperity
  • Sensitive Treatment of Culturally Significant Properties

Participants drew upon their collective knowledge to develop a set of practical tools and recommendations for safeguarding cultural heritage.

Colour and Vibrancy

The character of the city reflects its rich history and a confluence of cultures. Mission Concepcion is one of five Spanish Missions in San Antonio inscribed on the World Heritage List.

As part of the symposium, Sharon attended ‘Restored by Light’, a free event that ‘restores’ the vivid frescoes through light projections on the building.  The event marked the opening of the 2017 World Heritage Festival.

The city is also home to a vibrant Market Square and wonderful ‘La Popular’ bakery, with delicious Mexican sweet breads and empanadas.


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