Keeping our clients, community and staff safe: COVID-19

The safety of our staff, clients and the community is our priority.

At GML Heritage, we are looking forward to safely returning to our offices as we ‘learn to live’ with COVID-19 and public health restrictions ease further.


Across our offices to help keep everyone safe, we are requiring all our staff, subconsultants, and suppliers to be double vaccinated for COVID-19.

Visitors to our workplaces are required to provide evidence of double vaccination for COVID-19, or a recent negative COVID-19 test, prior to attending our workplaces.

At other worksites and any place of work that we attend, our clients and the communities we work with can be assured our staff are vaccinated.

Meetings and travel

If it makes sense we are conducting and attending meetings online which is both safe and time efficient. Various members of our team are continuing to work flexibly from home and coming into the office regularly. This is part of our broader approach to creating a workplace where people have the best of both worlds. Our staff can do some of their deeper thinking at home (and also slow cook something delicious for dinner) then also enjoy comradery and collaboration with other staff when they are in the office.

Want to know more?

If you would like a copy of our COVID-19 Vaccination and GML Workplaces Policy, please get in touch.