Ground Truths

Video: Ground Truths Webinar

Photo credit: Adela Pankhurst Walsh giving a speech outside The Carrington Press Printers, NSW 28 January 1941.

Watch the ‘Ground Truth’s’ webinar, recorded by GML Heritage and Context, to mark History Week 2021. 

Our four speakers presented topics that explored stories from the soil—delving into the underground of cemeteries and secret landscapes—and stories from the street, to illuminate lost voices and explore the social ferment of political movements 

Speakers and topics include:  

Megan Ground Truths

Megan Lawrence reflects on the life of the matriarch of NSW’s suffrage movement, Louisa Lawson, and the change she brought to women’s lives.

Rosalie Mickan’s research into cemeteries has writ large how these landscapes are encoded with layers of labour history, community belonging and class hierarchy.

Talei Promotion

Talei Holm has been exploring the little known Aboriginal cultural practice of Ring Trees. These beautiful trees unfold a whole other way of understanding the landscapes of East Coast Australia.

Therese McCarthy’s experience of researching institutional archives has built a picture of the lives of women deserted by husbands and fathers in Colonial South Australia. Their experience drove the reform maintenance and divorce legislation from the ground up.

The webinar is Chaired by Patrick Atkinson, GML Heritage consultant and member of the Professional Historians Association NSW.

History Week is held annually to celebrate history by the History Council of NSW. Learn more about the 2021 schedule of events