Huon Park Interior

Excavation Report: Huon Park Estate

Archaeological Excavations

Southern Cross Care

North Turramurra, NSW

Tea-taking, lavish feasts, health, wellbeing and letter writing were all evidenced in the artefacts recovered at the Former Huon Park Estate, North Turramurra.

GML undertook archaeological excavations at the site from 20182019 on behalf of Southern Cross Care, who have redeveloped Huon House to modernise and improve the amenity of the facility. 

A rubbish pit was dug to the south of Huon House sometime between 1895—1901, where a collection of artefacts were recovered. They include:  

  • medicine and hygiene bottles;   
  • highly decorated utilitarian items; and  
  • decorative items, such as porcelain figurine 

The archaeology gives a fascinating insight into the life of the wealthy estate owners—the Edwards family—at the turn of the century.

Read more in the highly engaging excavation report.

Objects Plates

Gold gilt porcelian tea set with tea leaf motif.

Huon Broken Bottle

Detail of the remnant label for ‘Sandeman’s Australian Burgundy’ wine bottle.

Huon Park Figurine

Hand-painted bisque porcelain figurine from the rubbish pit.

Glass Bottles

A range of glass bottles were recovered, including vinegar bottles and bottles that related to the maintenance of health, well being and appearance.