GML is a Sydney Open 2017 Partner!

GML Heritage is proud to announce that once again, we are a Partner of Sydney Open, Australia’s premier open building event, held on 4–5 November 2017.

This year, more than 60 historically and architecturally inspiring Sydney buildings that are usually ‘off limits’ are throwing open their doors in the CBD, Central, Redfern and Eveleigh. On Sunday 5 November a Sydney Open Ticket gets you inside a treasure trove of Sydney’s architectural gems. In addition, there is an incredible program of Focus Tours available on Saturday 4 November, offering exclusive access to some of the city’s most unique spaces.

50 Martin Place, c James Horan on behalf of Sydney Living Museums.

GML Heritage is proud to have delivered heritage, archaeological and interpretation services to many buildings featured in the program, including the EY Building at 200 George Street, Sydney, Government House, Australia Square, Carriageworks, The Mint, The Sydney Harbour YHA and Big Dig Archaeology Centre, and the Museum of Sydney.

Look out for members of the GML team who are volunteering at several sites. Our clever people will ensure that visitors are well looked after and get extra insights into the history and significance of the sites.