GML Context Sponsors ‘Heritage of the Air’

Ever wondered about the cultural heritage of aviation in Australia?

At GML Context, we have been giving this topic considerable thought and we are pleased to support the forthcoming 2019 ICOMOS Conference, ‘Heritage of the Air’ in Canberra. A conference with altitude, it will include great presentations, tours and events including a 40th anniversary celebration of the Burra Charter.

GML’s Sophie Jennings and Don Wallace have got great aviation stories to tell.

Sophie will be sharing the fascinating story of the first female pilot in Australia – who also happens to be her great great-grandmother, during the session ‘Air Memories’. Join Sophie as she shares this uniquely personal story about Millicent Maude Bryant who against the odds in the 1920s gained qualifications, experience and respect of her peers.

Don will present a ‘blitz presentation’  as part of the ‘Plane Stories: Encounters with objects’ session. He will reflect on the adventure and romance of passenger travel on an international commercial flight.  His story focusses on the heirloom first class menu offered to passengers on the Kangaroo Route in 1966. It’s hard to believe, but thirty-three courses were served on the journey that included 9 legs between London and Nadi (Fiji) stopping at Perth and Sydney.

At GML we love a party.  So we are thrilled to be sponsoring the Conference Party on Saturday 16 November. The team from Canberra Modern, including GML’s Rachel Jackson, have helped to shape the event, celebrating the ‘Golden Age of Flying’ in true modernist style. The Great Hall at University House will come alive with guests dressed in their mid-century finest, along with music, conversation, dancing, delicious food and cocktails of the era.