Context is now GML Heritage

Context is now GML Heritage

It’s a new era. We are excited to announce that Context will now be known as GML Heritage. This renaming follows GML’s merger with Context in 2017.

To celebrate, we have a vibrant new logo and visual identity that express our collaborative approach to heritage. Inspired by the colours of the Australian landscape, our new look is creative and bold—qualities we bring to each and every project.


Our team, contact details and Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne offices remain the same. But now you’ll find us all under the one GML Heritage name.


Across all three offices, we are more committed than ever to providing the best outcomes for our clients, our communities and our heritage.


In line with our vision to shape new futures for heritage, we are building on our existing services and offering Climate Heritage and First Nations and Community Heritage.

Reflecting our deep expertise and industry experience, these new services complement our renowned work in archaeology, history, built heritage, landscape heritage, interpretation and design.


These service areas will support our clients and communities to manage and protect heritage for a future shaped by climate change, urban growth and an honest reckoning with our past.


As the environment around us changes, and today’s challenges require even deeper collective wisdom and experience, we are committed to supporting our clients and communities to care for our heritage as a vital part of our future.

We believe that heritage has a unique role to play in fostering more meaningful connections between people and places.

The future of heritage is bright. We look forward to working with you.