Clover Cottage and Garden

A positive outcome for the Clover Cottage and Garden in the City of Casey!

A recent Victorian Planning Panel hearing determined that the Heritage Overlay for the Clover Cottage and Garden should be enlarged in accordance with recommendations from Council’s Expert Witness, Dr Christina Dyson, and that the Statement of Significance should be revised so that all significant elements are recognised. These amendments will help ensure that the extensive gardens at Clover Cottage are protected.

Part of the garden was designed by Australian landscape designer John Stevens (1920-2007) in 1955 for Ty-nee Tips Tea merchant Frederick S Tuckfield (1898-1973). Tuckfield was an amateur camellia breeder and an active member of the Australian Camellia Research Society. More than 100 camellias remain in the garden that date from Tuckfield’s ownership of the site. They survive as rare evidence of Tuckfield’s nationally-recognised work with camellias, and represent an important era in Victorian horticulture.