City of Ryde Heritage Review 2019 Endorsed by Council

We were pleased to hear that on 22 July, the City of Ryde Council has unanimously endorsed the recommendations of a comprehensive heritage review, undertaken by GML Heritage this year.

The ‘City of Ryde Heritage Review 2019’ (the Review) included the identification of potential places of significance and detailed assessment of significance of those items. The Review recommended that a total of 46 new places should be listed as heritage items within the Ryde LEP, including 35 built items, 2 archaeological sites and 9 landscape items. In addition, the Review recommended that 6 new Heritage Conservation Areas be listed.

The proposed listings will now be submitted to the Department of Planning for Gateway Determination prior to the City of Ryde undertaking extensive community consultation on the proposed changes.

More information is at the City of Ryde website.