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Celebrating the Women of GML

As a proud employer of over 45 women, we are marking this International Women’s Day by celebrating the hard-working women employed at GML Heritage and Context.

We are committed to recognising that real equality will make a difference not only to the lives of women but will positively impact each of us and our world. This year’s theme, “Each for Equal”, reflects the idea that what we do and say as individuals can collectively contribute to the greater goal of a gender equal world.

Our women are industry leaders, disciplinary experts, academics, recent university graduates and award winners. They are diverse in skills, life experience, interests and knowledge, and together enrich the culture and services at GML.

Women at GML are connected to their families and friends, and to many communities.  They have many interests and responsibilities that foster intellectual engagement, creativity and innovation in heritage consulting and life generally.

Learn more about some of the remarkable women that make a positive difference everyday within our business, and who really enjoy working with our clients and communities at heritage places across Australia this International Women’s Day.

Catherine Macarthur

Q1) What do you enjoy about working at GML ? I appreciate working on the diversity and type of projects that a firm the size and breadth of GML can offer.

Q2) What are you working on at the moment?  I am working on large commercial and private development sites within significant landscapes and urban areas with challenging parameters in relation to new design. At the heart of these sites most of my projects have a significant heritage building that also involves detailed conservation work.

Q3) How do you recharge?  Having recently completed my own home renovation (on a much smaller scale than GML projects) I am enjoying spending time at home, that is when I am not accompanying family at sports venues to watch their events (relaxing and exhausting at the same time).

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GML Associate, Catherine Macarthur on site with Simon Lincoln and Charlotte Vergnolle (Make Architects) and James Conlon (Multiplex) reviewing a colour scheme for heritage buildings at Wynyard Place.

Madeline has also authored several books. Here, she is signing her book ‘Christmas Food and Feasting, A History’

Dr Madeline Shanahan, Associate

Q1) what do you enjoy about working at GML? We get such an amazing range of projects on incredible sites. Getting to work on heritage interpretation is a real privilege.

Q2) what are you working on at the moment? A few large heritage interpretation plans. One involves artefact displays and signage for the Little Lon precinct in Melbourne, another involves working across a large area of Country in Gippsland developing a strategy to celebrate Gunaikurnai history and culture.

Q3) how do you recharge? Life with four little boys is fairly busy so it is hard to find time to ‘recharge’ to be honest! If I get a few hours I head straight to Dirty Janes Antique Market in Bowral to fossick through the treasures and go to lunch. A glass of red always helps too!

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Dr Nadia Iacono, Senior Associate

Q1) what do you enjoy about working at GML ? I thrive on the variety of projects that I have the opportunity to collaborate on at GML, whether excavating at the Hyde Park Barracks World Heritage site, assisting local councils in the heritage management of their cemeteries with community involvement or providing archaeological input to Conservation Management Plans for significant places, sites and areas.

Q2) what are you working on at the moment? I’ve just completed a multi volume Strategic Conservation Management Plan for thirteen cemeteries of various sizes and ages nestled along the Hawkesbury River.

Q3) how do you recharge? I love a refreshing ocean swim, kayak ride, bushwalk or a weekend away with family and friends exploring country.

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Nadia (right) exploring Country with friends.

Angela So, Heritage Consultant

Q1) what do you enjoy about working at GML ? I have had the opportunity to work on exciting heritage places such as Parramatta Park, Sydney Opera House and Headland Park (Mosman). Being a part of GML’s Interpretation Team means I get to look at how best to effectively and creatively communicate the history and significance of places to the public and connect them to its significance. But the thing I enjoy most about working at GML is the other people who work here. The people of GML are supportive of each other and I can turn to them for assistance on a project.

Q2) what are you working on at the moment? I am currently working on an interpretation project for a development within the Little Lon Precinct, Melbourne. The Little Lon Precinct has a fascinating and misrepresented history as a slum and red light district but archaeologists and historians have been working for the past three decades to demonstrate it was a complex working class and ethnically diverse neighbourhood. Poor (but not destitute) families were mixed with aspiring business people, labourers, sex workers and moral reformers. The GML team are working to pull out some of these stories and tell them on site through signage, object displays and super graphics.

3) how do you recharge ?  I am learning how to sew. It’s not actually that relaxing but I get a lot of satisfaction out of the process of turning a piece of fabric into clothing. There are a lot of creative people at GML and I often chat with my fellow seamstresses about projects and fabric purchases. When I was on maternity leave I did a couple of floral arrangement courses.

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Angie learning new skills in floristry.

Rachel Jackson, Principal

Q1) what do you enjoy about working at GML? I love the opportunity to work with knowledgeable and passionate people at incredible heritage places in Australia. I love the project work that stimulates my creative and academic need for historic research, strategic planning and sustainable cultural and environmental outcomes.

Q2) what are you working on at the moment? Management plans for Christmas Island. Heritage values assessment of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

Q3) what do you enjoy doing outside of work? Canberra Modern – a group of three women who dedicate their spare time to creating community engagement events that celebrate Canberra’s significant twentieth century heritage.

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Rachel, presenting at Palm Spring Modernism Week, 2020.

Talei, flying on the rugby field.

Talei Holm, Graduate Consultant

Q1) what do you enjoy about working at GML? Its an extremely supportive environment with diverse and interesting projects. It is a fantastic company to begin my career in archaeology with. In the few months I have worked here I have learnt so much.

Q2) what are you working on at the moment? Currently, my focus is working on field work for a major transport project, as well as my role of field work coordinator.

Q3) how do you recharge? I play rugby union as a Second Rower. I started when I was at university and it has been a great way to meet new people and stay active since moving to Sydney. It’s a great feeling to be part of a team of strong women.

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Jyoti Somerville, Associate

1) What do you enjoy about working at GML?   Working alongside colleagues with a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines, experience and personality is one of the most enjoyable and fruitful aspects of working at GML.  Help is also at hand for technical questions—and I get to learn ‘on the job’ as we all should.  The range of projects in the office at any one time is also a source of great interest, with sites located throughout Australia and even further afield, allowing expertise and experiences to be shared in new ways.

2) what are you working on at the moment? Recent and current projects generally involve working with twentieth century buildings and sites, working across most of that century.  Of particular interest and challenge are conservation issues faced by interwar and post war modern buildings, including both technical concerns (relating to materials, innovative structural systems and building methods, etc) and adaptation requirements for changing use, environmental performance and statutory requirements.   Two recent projects in this category are the MLC centre in Sydney and the former Simsmetal House in North Sydney, a pair of very different structures designed by Harry Seidler and Associates in the 1970s and needing appropriate care and management for the future.

3) what do you enjoy doing outside of work? Outside of office hours I retain a desire to look at and learn about buildings, particularly twentieth century works by both well and lesser known architects, here and overseas.  Then there is always the continuing challenge, joy and frustration of working on my own heritage conservation project, house and garden, another Seidler design from 1951.  To recharge, it’s books (classic detective fiction), music (particularly opera), catching up with friends and, of course, the two cats (Ottoline and Montague) who need a particular type of care and management.

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Jyoti leading a tour group at Tusculum, Sydney Open 2019