Announcing the Merger of GML Heritage and Context

GML Heritage is delighted to announce it has formally merged with Context, located in Melbourne.

Together, GML and Context represent the future of heritage practice and the start of a new chapter in the life and work of two of Australia’s foremost heritage consultancies.  

Our shared commitment to providing heritage services that are founded on quality, bold thinking, intellectual rigour, and industry best practice will ensure that we continue to provide solutions that respond to the challenges of our time.

Our wide range of services include:

– community engagement;

– Aboriginal cultural heritage;

– built heritage advice;

– heritage planning;

– public history;

– cultural landscapes;

– archaeology; and

– interpretation.

Context is a leading Melbourne-based heritage consultancy with a reputation for high quality work across Victoria, NSW and ACT. Established in 1984, the Context team works across heritage planning, built heritage, cultural landscapes, and Aboriginal places, and has a national reputation for its considered approach to community-based heritage. Context’s project portfolio encompasses heritage advisory services and heritage studies across Victoria, conservation management plans for significant places, Aboriginal cultural values, and engagement and collections.

We are looking forward to continuing to work on projects that revitalise and shape our urban environments, with history and heritage part of the character, life, and experience of places in our community.

Visit Context to find out more about the team, projects and services.

Please contact us at or should you have any queries.