In Conversation with GML Founders

What better way to kickstart GML’s 30th year of celebrations, than an evening with staff, friends and clients, and the three GML founders generously sharing their reflections, wisdom, and wit. You can watch the conversation on the video at the end of this post.


Don Godden, OAM, Prof Richard Mackay, AM and David Logan (the G, M, and L of GML) recently joined Sharon Veale, GML CEO ‘In Conversation’,  to reflect on the formation of GML and the many changes that have occurred in our operating environments and in heritage planning, urban development, archaeology, and consulting work over the past three decades.

there is a certain degree of pride in the things we had a hand in preserving… the cranes on the Harbour Bridge, Eveleigh, AGL, Breakfast Point”.

Don Godden

Don’s heartfelt approach to the conservation of industrial heritage combined with his professional network, complemented the business acumen, political nous and archaeological expertise of Richard. When David joined, he brought with him a skillset in architecture, urban development and planning, with a commitment to deliver solutions balancing heritage conservation with appropriate change and development.

There are plenty of people who can tell you what you can’t do…Identifying something that is possible, something that can be done…it takes courage, innovation and practical real world solutions from the intellectual rigour and interplay of the very bright people who are here…and that’s the value of the firm”.

Richard Mackay


With our store of experience over 30 years, digging into our history reveals how important it is for shaping the future.  It is a rich source of stories, among people that have high intellectual standards and strong ethical values, and it continues to inspire us.

we have managed to build and maintain a reputation for high quality ethical practice, and have fun along the way”. 

David Logan

The intellectual calibre of the people that GML has had through the doors is inspiring…it’s a veritable who’s who in the heritage industry”.

Sharon Veale