FutureNet Interpretation Walk: 27 February 2020

GML Heritage Consultants, Melissa Moritz, Jodi Cameron and Patrick Atkinson are curating and leading a heritage and interpretation walk on behalf of Consult Australia’s FutureNet. The guided walk explores the hidden histories and urban archaeology from Barangaroo to the Rocks.

FutureNet members will hear stories and see places that reveal Sydney’s urban heritage at some recently constructed developments and revitalised historic buildings. Interpretation elements will be discussed including ground inlays, public art, and landscaping. Participants see how the stories and relics of the past have been designed to be part of the everyday experience of the public domain.

The tour will finish with a drink, canapes and networking at the Orient Hotel.

The heritage walk is on Thursday 27 February, 6.00pm-9.00pm. FutureNet members can register and pay with Consult Australia.