Digital Heritage

Digital heritage might just be the ultimate preservation of the historic record. 

GML’s online 3D modelling and GIS mapping services give our clients access to a virtual world as a way of connecting with places, objects and culture from their desktop.



It enables us to view artefacts and objects in a way that is not possible through photography alone, deepening our understanding of place. Objects can be sliced to create virtual sections or profiles and rendered so that we can ‘see through’ them. Users can ‘fly through’ heritage buildings or zoom and rotate around previously inaccessible places. Online mapping enables us to cohesively share high volumes of information with impressive visuals that help to engage the user.



In today’s era of social and physical distancing, our digital heritage services are a convenient and safe way to ensure project continuity, with the added benefit of increasing access of places and objects to a wider audience, and offering an immersive experience for users.

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