Landscape in New Zealand

Claire Nunez Presents to ICOMOS Conference, New Zealand

GML’s Claire Nunez recently presented at the ICOMOS New Zealand Conference 2018, ‘Figments and Fragments’.  The conference explored the intangible aspects of heritage and the challenges of providing for intangible values. Claire explored this theme through the timeless and nostalgic appeal of Luna Park, Sydney.

Luna Park is a rare example of an amusement park protected by government legislation. Several of the buildings on the site are also listed individually on the New South Wales State Heritage Register. Claire explored how the thrill, excitement and joy of the much-loved attractions, including the wooden Wild Mouse rollercoaster, the former Lighthouse café, and Coney Island could be retained but also allow for future generations to appreciate new forms of entertainment.

The conference also included a site tour of the port town of Lyttelton, outside of Christchurch. The Christchurch Cathedral was also discussed throughout the conference, which is undergoing repairs following the damage sustained by the earthquakes.

Our colleague, Chris Johnston, (Context Special Adviser), facilitated a workshop about Intangible Heritage at the conference. The workshop sought to encourage heritage professionals to consider how to better understand ‘invisible community connections to place’.

Christchurch Cathedral

St Saviours at Holy Trinity, Lyttleton, New Zealand