First Nations and Community Heritage

Stories of resilience, strength and survival

We understand community heritage takes a range of different forms. We support our diverse communities in recognising and protecting their culture and heritage. This is a dynamic and living social and cultural formation process that coalesces around shared interests, common causes and collective experiences. We recognise community engagement as a framework of public action that supports various voices, different people and many types of places.

We approach community heritage and engagement collaboratively and sensitively. For us, community heritage is about respecting, recognising and supporting a diversity of historical and cultural lived experiences, as well as minority rights, interests and social and cultural justice. We provide a range of community-led and community-based heritage conservation and management solutions. We work with individuals and groups, experts and non-experts, combining best practice participatory methods with innovative cultural frameworks to ensure a range of voices are heard.

Our team are dedicated to truth-telling by actively listening to First Nations people and diverse communities to elevate voices that may have been previously overlooked. With deep knowledge about post-colonial issues and past and ongoing justices, our team apply contemporary engagement methods to identify cultural values. We deliver robust, pragmatic solutions for heritage places that accurately represent First Nations cultural values and principles, and that meet best practice government regulations.

We support peoples’ voices, truth-telling, and the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We promote developing a shared understanding of collective heritage and histories, and provide culturally safe spaces in truth-telling work.

We deliver:

  • Community engagement plans
  • Workshops, interviews, surveys
  • Cultural values assessments
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage values assessments
  • Aboriginal due diligence reports
  • Cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs)
  • Traditional Owner group consultation
  • Site assessments
  • Aboriginal heritage impact permits (AHIPs)