Spring Farm Urban Release Area, Camden

Project Type:

Heritage Assessment


The Council of Camden

LGA: Camden

The Spring Farm Urban Release Area was a mostly rural environment bounded by the Nepean River and the Camden Bypass, characterised by sand mining and poultry farming. GML was commissioned by Camden Council to prepare a Heritage Assessment report, providing specialist heritage assistance on the draft Local Environment Plan for the urban release area.

The study comprised surveys of the Spring Farm area to identify potential heritage items in the form of buildings, roads, trees and landscapes, as well as the historical and Aboriginal archaeological potential associated with any of these items. Survey work and documentary analysis identified several individual items and landscape features as having potential heritage significance based on historical research and an assessment of the associated social and aesthetic values.

The study also identified a significant colonial landscape between the Nepean River and Macarthur Road where the land use patterns continued to conform to the recognisable pattern of original grant portions. Two of the earliest houses in the area are located within this cultural landscape, which was recommended for retention within the context for future urban development.

The GML team maintained a close dialogue with Camden Council to keep them informed of findings and how they could be integrated into the proposed Masterplan for the area. Our aim was to provide the council with a balance between the heritage values of the Spring Farm Area and the requirement to develop the area for residential purposes. The outcomes gave the council and local residents a better understanding of the heritage values of the Spring Farm Area, which were retained in the Masterplan.

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Spring Farm 1
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