NSW Department of Justice and Attorney General Heritage Register

Project Type:

Section 170 Heritage and Conservation Register Update


NSW Department of Justice and Attorney General

LGA: Various

GML was engaged by the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) to update its Heritage and Conservation Register to satisfy the requirements of Section 170 of the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW). The DJAG had been created in 2009 as a ‘super agency’ to administer the courts, tribunals, laws and justice programs of NSW, and is also responsible for the management of most operational courthouses in the state. The project involved inspections, significance assessments and management guidance.

The Heritage and Conservation Register update that GML prepared provides a sound basis for DJAG to manage its large portfolio of highly significant heritage properties. It includes a thematic history and an assessment methodology on which future revisions of the Heritage and Conservation Register can rely, as well as detailed guidance on future actions that should be taken to ensure that its properties are conserved and statutory obligations are met.

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