Lavender Bay Viaduct and Commodore Crescent Underbridge, Sydney

Project Type:

Heritage Study


URS for RailCorp

LGA: North Sydney

In 2010, GML prepared a heritage study for the Lavender Bay Viaduct and Commodore Crescent Underbridge as part of a RailCorp structural refurbishment project. The viaduct has a total length of 126.8m and comprises of six arch spans. It is a part of Sydney’s rail heritage and carries the single bi-directional ballasted track to the stabling yard at Lavender Bay. GML undertook a comprehensive inspection of the viaduct deck and the lower archways and the Commodore Crescent Underbridge.

GML acted as a sub consultant to URS and provided a heritage study identifying the history and significance of the various elements of the study area. The heritage study included a detailed design and works specification for the remediation and repair of deteriorated brick and stone work. In addition to preparing the heritage study, GML provided heritage advice and input into the brickwork and masonry restoration project and the drainage works. This advice aimed to ensure that any potentially adverse heritage impacts could be avoided or mitigated and the heritage significance of the items conserved.

Working closely with URS, GML provided heritage input that enabled the development of a suitable scope of works for the structural refurbishment of these key elements of historic railway infrastructure.

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