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Where Might Your Imagination Take You?

We are excited that staff and visitors to GML Heritage are now greeted by a beautiful wall mural boasting a lively composition of colour. Artist Claire Nakazawa was engaged by GML to create a contemporary, large-scale mural for our office foyer in Sydney. The striking mural extends the full length of our foyer space and has enlivened it with vibrant creative energy.

The appeal of Claire’s work was her ability to produce a striking visual narrative evoking cultural and urban landscapes in a contemporary and creative manner.

Claire Nakazawa at GML

Just as GML looks to uncover the history and stories of places through heritage practice, Claire’s work creatively reinterprets place, presenting new imaginings and meanings to viewers. The result is colourful, abstract landscapes and dreamscapes, inspired by nature and the urban environment. Claire’s appreciation and interest in natural landscapes stems from her childhood. She grew up in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, before moving to Sydney.

Mural at GML Sydney foyer

Claire’s work for GML evokes a modern landscape, dominated by curved, organic shapes intersected by bright structured blocks. Claire drew inspiration from GML’s work in natural and cultural heritage, as well as from the contemporary atmosphere of the Sydney workplace.

Close up 3 - web

“I enjoyed using a balance of bright and muted colours to contribute a peaceful yet vibrant energy to the space,” said Claire. “Painting abstract landscapes enables my mind to wander and new ideas to emerge, such as the deep blues evoking the Blue Mountains, and the rich browns reminding me of Uluru. I hope people engage with different elements of the artwork and enjoy new things emerging from it over time.”